Vice President Education

Maintaining the Toastmasters educational program

The office of vice president education is a critical office in a Toastmasters club. The Toastmasters educational program depends on the vice president education to carry out the club’s mission.

As vice president education, you are responsible for providing and maintaining the positive environment and the programs through which members can learn and grow. If you do your job well, your club will have satisfied members and will continue to grow. Your efforts also will help the club become a Distinguished Club, which should be an annual goal.

The Club Leadership Manual describes the following standards more fully and explains how to carry them out.

Outside the Club Meeting:

  • Attend district-sponsored club officer training.
  • Plan club meetings, completing schedules and assignments at least three weeks in advance and confirming each schedule five to seven days before the meeting.
  • Promote participation in the educational program. Get commitment from members to earn the next level of achievement and track their progress toward these awards.
  • Orient new members to the Toastmasters program within two meetings after they join.
  • Assign every new member a mentor.
  • Attend club executive committee meetings and preside when the president is absent.
  • Attend district council meetings and vote the club’s proxy.
  • Vote at international business meetings.
  • Arrange for a replacement if unable to attend a club or executive committee meeting.
  • Prepare successor for office.

At the Club Meeting:

  • Ask each new member to be a Table Topics participant at the first meeting after joining. Assign him or her to a meeting role at the third meeting or earlier, and assign the Ice Breaker manual project at the fourth meeting or sooner.
  • Ensure a club member conducts The Successful Club Series programs Evaluate to Motivate, Moments of Truth, Mentoring and Finding New Members for Your Club at least once per year.
  • Monitor club performance quarterly in cooperation with the club president.
  • Initial Speakers’ Project Completion Records and ensure eligible members fill out their award applications.
  • Preside over the meeting when the president is absent.

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