Club Introduction

Welcome to the Japanese English Toastmasters (JETM), an exciting new club to inspire, motivate, and develop leadership and communication skills. JETM Korea’s one-and-only Japanese-English bilingual club and is notably the world’s first bilingual Toastmasters club among over 13,000 which doesn’t use languages native to the area in which it operates.

We meet 2th, 4th Sunday at Gangnam 2nd branch COZY for an engaging bilingual session (English and Japanese for an hour each) starting from 12:00 until 14:00. with activities ranging from impromptu speeches, prepared speeches, and evaluation segments. This is your chance to meet like minded individuals using both English and Japanese. No language requirements necessary; just come with interest and a positive attitude! Guests are always more than welcome!


What Kinds of Programs Do We at The Meeting?

During two hours meeting, we speak one hour for English and one hour for Japanese.

1. Small talks

 – Review master sessions (2~3 minutes)

: You can share your own experience or feeling about something that you have had. It could be a book, movie, drama, sports, device, application, food, and anything you like.

 – Word and Quote master session (2~3 mintues)

: Introduce any words that you want to let people know and use it at the meeting. Also present your favorite quote that you would like to share with others.

 – Debate Session (1 minute – 1minute -1.5minute, 3 speakers from each team)

: The debate master who prepares the topic of the day will gives attendees a controversial issue that can split audiences into two groups, usually cons and pros.  Each team discuss their opinion within 5~7 minutes. Three debaters from each team will go up to the front and open their teams opinion one by one. The first and second debaters have 1 minute, and the last one has 1.5 minute to wrap up their opinion.

Table Topic master session (1~2 minutes)

: Table Topic master who leads this session with several questions on a certain topic will give members and guests a question. A person who is picked by the Table Topic master should answer the question for 1 to 2 minutes. It will help your impromptu speech skill or unprepared speech skills.

2. Prepared Speech session

: We have a guideline that explains the objectives and time limits for every speech. Based on this manual, you can prepare your own speech and demonstrate it to your audiences. This is the highlight of the meeting and the core session of our club.

3. Evaluation session

: Each speech is evaluated by their evaluators. Giving each other a positive and constructive evaluation will help each other make a progress and improvement.

4. Best speakers award

: We vote for the best debater, table topic speaker, speaker, and evaulaor. Each winner will get the ribbon as a prize.

 5. Role takers

: In order to run the meeting smoothly, we need several role takers. There are Toastmaster who run the meeting from the beginning to the end, which is MC of the day. General evaulator observes the entire meeting and run the evaluation session. We have a “Timer” who helps speaker check and finish their speech on time, and an “Ah-counter” who counts an unnecessary sounds from everyone who make a statement on the day.



1. Small talks

– レビューマスターセッション (2~3分)


- 今日の言葉及び引用句 (2~3分)

– ディベートセッション (1~1.5分, 各チーム3人)
ディベートマスターは、論争のある論題を発表しディベートの司会進行を行います。 参加者は二つのチームに分かれて5~7分ほどの意見交換をします。各チームから選ばれた6人のディベーターは、前に出て一人ずつ意見をの主張します。各ディベーターには1分の時間が与えられます。最終ディベーターには1.5分が与えられチームの意見をまとめます。
– テーブルトピックスセッション (1~2 分)
テーブルトピックスマスターは、自ら選んだ主題について質問を予め他の参加者に知らせずに準備しておき、その場で回答者を選び質問します。 回答者はこれにより、突然意見を求められても短時間でまとまった発言が出来るよう、1~2分の即興スピーチの訓練をする事が出来ます。

2. 準備スピーチ

3. 個人評論セッション

4. ベストスピーカー賞

5. 例会の各役割の紹介
例会をスムーズに行うために参加者たちが各役割を担当します。トーストマスターは、その日の例会のプログラムの司会を行い、同時に例会の準備・進行の責任を持ちます。 例会というイベントを準備する経験、そして司会を行なう訓練ができます。総合評論者(General Evaluator)は、例会後半のフィードバックセッション全体の司会を行ないます。 また、個人論評者及び例会全体のフィードバックを行ない、例会の質を高めるような建設的な意見を述べます。また、計時係 (Timer)は、各スピーチの時間を計り、報告します。発表者はこれにより、一定の時間内に話をまとめる能力を身に付ける事が出来ます。文法係・えーとカウンタ (Grammarian and Ah-Counter)の人は、例会のスピーチで使われたきれいな言葉遣い、機知に富んだ言葉遣いや、逆に英語として正しくない語法を見つけ、例会終了前に報告します。また、例会内で誰が何回不要な言葉(「えーと」「あの」、英語では”Ah” “Um” “Well,”等)を発したか数え、例会の最後に報告します。発表者はこれにより、自分で気付かなかった口癖を直していく事が出来ます。

What Should I Do To Attend a Meeting?

30 seconds self-introduction in either English or Japanese is what you need to prepare if you are a first time guest. There is no pressure and formalities to join us, just feel free to visit our meeting place. Also, you can ask one of contacts if you have any questions.



[Meeting Time]

2th, 4th Sunday from 12:00 to 14:00.

Room Fee : 5,000 won (per person, for the renting of seminar room)

[Meeting Venue]